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Summer Fun: Backyard Games

Next week, I’m helping my friend host her daughter’s graduation barbecue. With plenty of kids coming, there needs to be plenty of games and activities to keep them happy! I visited one of my favorite stores, Five Below, for game ideas. Besides the regular Frisbee and Dodgeball games, I saw these huge life-sized foam jacks.

via Five Below, $5 each

Remember the game of jacks? All that’s needed is a bouncy ball and a group of people to make it life-sized! Immediately, I thought of how it can be played. Yes, I brainstormed it at the store XD. I think the best way is playing it elimination style. Sort of like musical chairs.

Life-Sized Jacks Rules:

  • Start off with 11 people and 1 ball bouncer (most likely an adult). Have the 10 jacks spaced out on the ground.
  • The bouncer bounces the ball high into the air one good time. Each time the ball reaches the air, the 11 others would grab the 10 jacks. Whoever doesn’t grab a jack before the bouncer catches the ball is eliminated.
  • The next round, there will be 10 people trying to grab 9 jacks and so on.
  • The last two people fight for the last jack to grab and whoever gets it, wins!

This yard game craze spurred on a Pinterest search for more kid-friendly games. Here are a few other yard games I found:

Krista’s Pool Noodle Toss Game via While He Was Napping


Jenni’s Giant Bubbles via Paging Fun Mums


Amy’s Balloon Dart Board via SheKnows

Balloon Dart board via SheKnows

Do you have any other yard game ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Denise 😎

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