Feed Me Friday

Feed Me Friday: Fruit and Wine Sorbet


Every weekend, someone is having a party. And with every party, there’s hungry people. Starting today and every Friday, I will feature a party food recipe! Creative enough to impress and easy enough for no stress (hahaha, my rhymes). Most of these will be appetizers and side dishes, so it’s not going to be too intensive. First up: a cool treat for adults.

Who doesn’t like a little wine during a party? How about some frozen wine? Yum. 😛

I found this Fruit and Wine Sorbet by Claire Nolan via BuzzFeed. I love these quick recipe videos that BuzzFeed has. Here is the 47-second video tutorial of making it:

Try making this for a party this weekend! Maybe for those college grads (hint, hint 😉 ).


Denise 🙂

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