Feed Me Friday

Feed Me Friday: Cucumber Roll Ups


I don’t know about you, but isn’t it annoying when it’s hot outside and you have to turn the oven on? I looooove to bake, but the summertime can be rough. I only bake during summer nights when it’s a tad bit cooler and bearable.

For summer parties, it can be tough to cook hot food for a bunch of people. That’s why today, I’m featuring a cute and cool recipe: Mediterranean Cucumber Roll-Ups by Amanda from The Wholesome Dish!


Aren’t these the cutest? Ok, maybe my creative eye has taken over. But the little toothpicks just make it so appealing!

Looking at the ingredients, it is easy to swap out any of them and make the roll ups “your own.” Cucumber or zucchini? Cheese or no cheese? Hummus or maybe onion dip? Red peppers or sliced cherry tomatoes? You make the call. Truly a versatile dish!

Enjoy and stay cool as a cucumber 😉

(you knew the pun was coming)


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