Feed Me Friday

Feed Me Friday: Sausage + Pineapple Bites


My sister really wants to host a luau. She would see cute decorations at Dollar Tree and just think about different decor and game ideas for it. However, she reflects on the time and money to spend in order for it to happen and the idea fizzles. I think the whole luau thing has to do with her desire to visit Hawaii one day. Maybe bringing a little of the Hawaiian flavor to her will push the luau effort forward? 😉

I saw this cute recipe by Sheena on Noshtastic for Sausage and Pineapple Bites. Now, granted, it isn’t a full roasted pig and fresh pineapples. But it is a mini-version of it:


These little guys would be awesome for a luau party or any party really! I love the matching toothpicks with the pineapple – ahh! It’s the little things an artist appreciates. 🙂

Try it out and enjoy!


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